The Bluh.

33     A peculiar entity, the bluh is a small grey octopoid creature that is invisible to the naked eye. It attaches itself to writers and artists alike and feeds off procrastination. Almost everyone Read more…

By Andrew Jack, ago

Zug the Friendly

41 There was a strange creature named Zug who looked a bit like a many-armed slug. She’d want to be besties but things would get messy when she’d squash you do death with a hug.

By Jason Penney, ago

Sorrows and Thorns

50 My first monster was far too cute, so I made a less-cute one for you. (Therefore, this is #2. I am not doing a good job of posting one every day.)

By Rachel, ago

Pallid Peter

37 Pallid Peter wanted to go out and play, But Pallid Peter could not stand the light of day. So he waited and waited until night finally came, When he could run around with joy Read more…

By Natalie, ago