Signs bearing the message “Beware of the Grulthog” have been known to appear outside homes that have been uninhabited for twenty-four hours or more. A grulthog is a large lizard like creature, slightly smaller than a horse. They have eight legs, four eyes, a mouth filled with six inch teeth, and prehensile tongues. They can change colors to blend with their surroundings, similar to chameleons, including their eyes (which for some reason always contrast highly with their skin). Some grulthogs have small wings, although no one has witnessed one flying. Once a grulthog has moved into a home it is very difficult to get them to leave, although given time they seem to move on of their own accord.

Not much else is known about these creatures, except that they mark their territory by posting signs that say “Beware of the Grulthog” (or the equivalent in the language spoken by the home’s previous inhabitant).

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