I’ve been hunting monsters most of my life. I’ve encountered almost everything you can imagine, and many things you can’t. In all my days I’ve never encountered anything as horrifying as the Oraleg. These short humanoid parasites, assuming there exists more than one of these horrors, can almost pass for human children, if not for their third eye and small antlers.

They feed of the agitation of their hosts, which they themselves create, by constantly popping up, interrupting whatever their host was doing with endless inane chatter. Any attempts at expressing your displeasure just strengthens them. Once sated they may disappear just long enough for you to be sure you are rid of them, and then the Oraleg returns, often at the worst possible time. A victim’s chances of ever completing anything again are frustratingly slim. Victims are likely to leave behind an endless flood of unfinished tasks.

There is hope. After years of study I believe I’ve finally determined how to permanently rid yourself of the creatures. Just do nothing, outside what you must do to survive (eating, sleeping, etc.). This may take months. Once the Oraleg is sure you will no longer provide any opportunities for it to feed, it will leave. I can not express in words the relief you will feel having freed yourself from this horror once and for all, and you can finally

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