We’re going to be late for the show.
It’s time we should go.
Now where are you, Joe?

Why is there blood on the floor
coming under the door?
Was that there before?

What is that thing over there,
slinking under the chair,
and all covered with hair?

It’s about the size of my boot,
and it’s wearing a suit.
It’s really quite cute.

So small, and furry, and brown,
making hardly a sound.
Don’t hide! Come around.

Wait, what is that shiny thing
that your tiny paws bring?
Is that Joe’s wedding ring?

Wide eyes are staring at me.
Now they’re all I can see.
I think I should flee.

Its mouth is opening so wide.
There’s no place to hide.
Think I’ll just step inside.

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Jason Penney

I'm a software engineer who likes to write. So I should do that more.

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