Randal flopped down onto the couch, and opened the book. Finally he had some time to himself, and he intended to just sit and read. Nobody to bother him. No list of tasks to complete nagging at him from the table. Just…

What was that noise? “Ugh!” Randal replaced the bookmark, placed the book down on the seat beside him, and headed for the bathroom. The toilet was running again. “How long has this been going? Why can’t anyone in this house flush a simple toilet correctly?” Randal jiggled the handle, and waited for the water to stop.

But it didn’t stop. He jiggled the handle again. Something wasn’t right. “Great. Guess I’ll be fixing the toilet today instead.”

Randal reached across, lifted the lid off the tank, and placed it on the seat.

“Hey, what’re you doing out there?”

Randal jumped back. It sounded like the voice came from…

“Hello out there. I’m talking to you. What’s going on?”

“Hello?” Randal’s voice cracked slightly. This couldn’t be happening.

“Hi. I’m in here.”

Randal hesitated, unsure, before he stepped over to the open tank and leaned over.

“There you are,” said a tiny purple-skinned man, staring up at him with bright pink eyes from inside the tank. “What’s the big idea?” The little man stared up at him expectantly. He lay in a small hammock, tied to the inner workings of the toilet. He wore light blue pajamas under a heavy maroon robe.

Randal rubbed his eyes. “Who… What…”

“Listen pal, I can see you’re maybe a bit confused. If you could maybe just put the lid back on, I’d like to get back to my book. Ok?”

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