Since I missed a day, today I’ve got two monsters to tell you about.

The Gnarlgar is a parasitic creature, that feeds off of emotions.  It’s similar in appearance to the devil ray, except for being almost entirely invisible. The creature attaches attaches it’s mouth to the back of it’s host’s neck, where they have access to the spine, and wraps it’s pectoral fins around the host’s back. They prefer human hosts, due to the ease of migration by detaching themselves when the host is seated, and attaching themselves to the next person to sit up against them.  They secrete a venom that inhibits their hosts ability to remain calm when faced with adversity.  In this way hosts are more likely to be short tempered, which creates more emotions for the Gnarlgar to feed off of.

The Wendarth is a tiny humming bird like creature, no bigger than your fist, except when it opens it’s beak, which is wide enough to consume a compact car.  This creature, also almost entirely invisible,  subsists entirely off of the salt content of human tears.  As such they’ll often follow Gnarlgar, hoping to encounter some highly emotional humans.  Wendarth will indirectly help the Gnarlgar by fluttering about people eyes in search of tears.  Although they can’t be seen directly, people often find this distracting enough that they don’t notice they’re about to sit on a Gnarlgar.

Wendarth are, at times, irrationally jealous of Gnarlgar, and will at times attack them. A Gnarlgar, drawn to the strong feelings of an attacking Wendarth, will often attach itself to this tiny, yet highly emotional attacker.  This prevents the Wendarth from flying.  The smaller creature will attempt to get away, continually leaping into the air, and falling back to the ground. This causes the Gnarlgar to be bashed into the ground until it lets go.  This would be highly amusing to witness, but unfortunately, both creature are, as I’ve said, almost entirely invisible.

So be on the lookout for these strange creatures, not that it will do you any good.

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Rachel · October 15, 2013 at 2:40 am

The last line sold me. 🙂

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