Hey.  I’m really sorry I’m late.  I was on my way over here and out of nowhere there was this-

What? Oh, yeah, I guess my clothes did get a bit… There was this thing, and… I’m not sure I can even describe it.  But, hey, I’m here now, right? So-

I am? Oh, I guess I am bleeding at that. Do you maybe have a towel I could borrow? Like I said I was driving over here and-

My car? Yeah… That’s pretty much gone. Eaten. I don’t know if my insurance covers that, actually.  It was just so very, very-

Yes, I am missing a shoe.  Most of a pant-leg as well, you may have noticed.  The thing back there it just… well… I barely got away, and-

Look, we going out tonight, or what?

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Jason Penney

I'm a software engineer who likes to write. So I should do that more.

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