Oh, my.  Aren’t you a homely little guy.  How did you get in here anyway?  Shoo, you don’t belong in here with your purple horns and green fur.  You’re just so ugly looking, with those orange teeth.  Just wait until Harold sees you, with your thousand glowing eyes and those ungainly toenails.  He’ll have a fit when he sees what you’ve done.  You’ve eaten half the refrigerator, inside and out.  What a mess.  Don’t make me whack you with this broom.  Just go. Shoo. Skedaddle.

Hey, give me back my new broom.  Harold, this nasty looking creature has eaten my good broom.  Come back here and help me get rid of it.  You’re going to have quite a mess to clean up back here.  Harold, no.  I’m back here. Don’t shut the door.  Harold? Can you here me?  There’s some hideous creature back here, and it’s made a… Harold, turn the lights back on.  You’ve locked me in the dark, with this thing.  It’s eyes are glowing.  All of them.



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