1. The Turlawag looks a bit like a ten-legged spider, with a tail.
  2. It has a leg-span of 68 cm (about 2 ft, 3 in).
  3. The Turlawag has six pairs of eyes (four stationary, two moveable), and one lone central eye (also moveable), for a total of thirteen eyes.
  4. It can devour an entire elephant in a single meal, leaving only bones behind.
  5. The Turlawag is nocturnal, but has been known to move about during the day when food is scarce.
  6. The Turlawag gives off a distinctive odor, similar to maple syrup.
  7. Using a technique similar to Salticids (or Jumping Spiders) it can leap about 50 times its body length by rapidly increasing the blood pressure to its legs, which extend and propel it through the air.
  8. It can remain perfectly still for days, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike.
  9. No one has ever escaped from the Turlawag.
  10. It’s right behind me.
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