In the dark
beyond the park
well past the drainage grate,
a creature hides,
with glowing eyes.
The Flanganard does wait.

With the Sun low,
the children go,
and Flanganard does wail.
Still playing games
one boy remained
in sandbox with his pail.

Slow advance
and steady stance,
the creature creeps along,
close to the ground
without a sound.
The boy, he hums a song.

The Flanganard
let down his guard.
Approached the little boy.
The boy he screamed,
and split the scene,
taking with him his toy.

Flang skulked back.
Inside the crack,
another hunt does end.
Night after night,
try as he might,
he just can’t catch a friend.

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Jason Penney

I'm a software engineer who likes to write. So I should do that more.

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