Are your bookshelves not holding as much as you thought they did?  Are you wondering where the space went?

Beware! You may already have an infestation on your hands!

Although you may never have seen them, Tegary may have taken up residence in your book shelves.  These tiny pan-dimensional creatures collect the spaces between your books by bending space around them and pulling it out of this dimension and caching it for later use.  Their behavior is similar to that of squirrels or chipmunks, hoarding acorns.

Fear not, there is a solution!

Don’t wait, call Yiggactu Pest Control now!  Once you notice the piles of books that used to fit on the shelf toppling over time is running out.

We have developed highly effective Tegary control programs over the past nine hundred years. Locating and sealing all dimensional rifts while putting redundant protection charms in place are essential to prevent re-infestation. In many cases we are able to recover otherwise lost space, but unfortunately we can not guarantee full recovery.

What are you waiting for, call Yiggactu Pest Control today! We also handle Turlawag, Inky Slinth, Denagrox, and Larfauns. Sorry, we don’t handle Bumblegrouse.

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