“One… two… three… four… five…”

“Pennsylvania Avenue with a hotel, pay up, Jimmy!”

“OK, Sean. How much do I owe you?”

“Let me see… $1400.”

Jimmy started counting his money.  “I don’t have it.”

“You’ll have to sell something.”

“Or you could win, and we could stop.  This is boring.”

Sean frowned. “All right. What do want to do?”

“I don’t know.”  Jimmy jumped to his feet. “Let’s go out back.”

“Can’t.  The Malanard is out there.”

“The what?”

Sean rose, walked to the window, and pulled the string to open the blinds.  “Give it a second.”

Jimmy started towards the window “Give what… Ahhh!”  He jumped back as a huge eye appeared outside the window and peered around the room before coming to rest on Jimmy.  “Sean, what is that?”

“Malanard.  I got it from Old Lady Frader down the street, for cleaning out her gutters.”

The creature backed away from the window and Jimmy carefully approached to get a better look. The Malanard has six legs, two wings, a long neck, and a head that was a cross between a hippo and parrot.  It was covered head to toe in electric blue scales, and stood about twice the size of Sean’s house. “It’s huge! What did you want that for?”

“I wanted it to scare my stupid brother.”

Jimmy nodded.  Sean’s brother was a jerk, always bursting in on them and giving out wedgies and noogies.  “Did it work?”

“He’s been hiding in his stupid tree house back there for three days.  Mom tried to call an exterminator, and animal control, but no one will touch it.”


“Yeah, it was pretty funny at first, but now we can’t use the swings.”

Jimmy frowned. “Bummer.”

“Yeah.  I should have taken her up on the invisibility potion instead.”

Jimmy nodded, and sat back down by the game board.  “Want to play again?”


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