Dr. Pratt looked across his desk at the tall, dark haired man sitting slumped in the chair before him. “Come now, Mr. Creighton. You know you’re not well. Let me take you somewhere they can help you.”

“Aw, you just think I’m insane.”

Dr. Pratt didn’t just think it, he felt sure Leon Creighton was crazy. “Even if you were Mr. Creighton, we can get you help”

Creighton shot up from the chair. “Do you think you can just lock me up in the asylum, Dr. Pratt?”

“I think it’s where you belong, Mr. Creighton.”

“Oh, it wouldn’t do any good. Don’t you see that? Don’t you understand? I’d just bust right out again, and…” Creighton turned away and stared out the window.

“And what, Mr. Creighton?”

“I’ve told you all this before. There isn’t time to go through it all again. Soon the moon will rise, and it’ll be too late. There’s only one thing you can do to help me, and you know it.”

“You’re delusional.”

“I am not!” Creighton spun to face the doctor. He began to fiddle with the knot of his tie absently. “I only want to die. I never again want to wake to…” He turned back to the window.

“You don’t want any more nights like last night?”

“That’s right. I never meant to hurt anyone. It’s not me that does these things, it’s the thing I become.” Creighton grew more animated now, tossing his tie to the floor. “As long as I live, it lives, and it’ll never stop smashing and kicking and–”

Suddenly the phone rang. Dr. Pratt held up a hand, and answered it, turning away from Creighton. “Yes? This is Dr. Pratt.”

“Oh, Doctor, I just wanted to let you that Mr. Cristillo is out of intensive care. Apparently he’s sitting up and asking questions about what happened.”

“That’s good. Very good. I’ll come by in the morning to…” Dr. Pratt stopped. Something wet had struck him on top of his head. He reached up and his hand came away covered in a sticky green mess.

Dr. Pratt looked up from his desk towards where Creighton had stood just moments before. Now he saw before him a hideous creature, standing before him with it’s mouth hanging open, drooling greenish spit from between it’s exposed lower teeth. It was just as Creighton had described, half man, half llama.

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