Yeah, I know that place. Yeah, I work there, at the brick building the end of the lane. Right.  Hey let me tell you something about that place. Down in a gully on the far end of the turn in the road there, there’s this… We all thought it was a groundhog burrow.  Thing is, we never saw any groundhog, but there is definitely something living in there.  I saw it last night.

Yeah I was working late, because the Dan (that’s my boss, he’s a real piece of work sometimes) dumped a bunch of stuff on my lap to finish up before he took off for the night.  I could have killed him.  I was just checking that the door locked behind me when I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  When I turned to see what it was I saw something move down into the gully.  Something big.  You ever see one of those Great Danes?  You know, the big dogs. It was a big bigger than that.

Now it was late, and there was nobody else around, so I was sort of nervous, you know?  I mean I had to go that way to get in my car, and I didn’t want no dog, or whatever it was to jump out at me.  No, I didn’t want to go back inside.  I wanted to go home.  So after waiting a bit, I made my way to the car.  Well, just as I shut the door behind me this thing slammed against the door hard enough to rock the car from side to side.

I turned on the lights and started the car as quick as I could.  I saw movement out the driver side window so I threw the car in reverse, and turned the wheel.  When the headlights hit the thing it howled.  It was ever bigger than I had thought, I was covered in coarse black fur, with huge teeth and burning red eyes. Sort of like a bear, but… no, it was something else.

What? No I hit the high beams and leaned on the horn.  I must have confused it, because suddenly it turned and ran down into the gully, right into the burrow.  I really can’t figure out how the thing fit down that hole, and I don’t really care.  I took off out of there as fast as I could and didn’t stop until I got home.

It took a while before I could fall asleep after that, so I never set my alarm or nothing. That’s why I’m not at work, see?  I figured I’d call in sick one I woke up, but then you guys showed up.  Say, why are you here anyhow?

I can’t make it out, let me see.  Yeah, that’s Dan’s car.  Looks like it’s in rough shape. Did he hit something?

No.  I haven’t seen him since he left last night. He usually shows up before me in the morning.

Yeah, that could be his phone, I guess.  Looks like it.

You found it in the car, huh?

No sign of Dan?  Say when I said I could have killed him… well you know I didn’t…  Look, I know that’s a pretty strange story.  I didn’t realize…

Right, I understand. Sure, I’ll come along.  Can I grab my coat first?

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