The Relganog squated in a patch of darkness between the house and the shed, watching the road.  He had to squat, or the shed would offer no protection at all for his tall, gangly form.  He watched with interest as the children made their way from house to house, filling their sacks with candy.  This used to be easier, back when kids put forth the effort to dress as ghouls and ghosts. Now everyone seemed to be a princess, or a pirate.  Hells, some of these kids weren’t even trying. They were just wearing their pajamas.

That’s why the Relganog had to hide in the shadows and wait.  He could no longer just walk down the street with his sack and blend into the crowd. He had to skulk, and watch, and wait.

After what felt like five eternities, it happened. The dog had jumped out of the open windows of one of the snail paced cars driven by parents oblivious to the fact they were endangering everyone else while smothering their own children in over-protection.  The dog must have caught a the Relganog’s scent on the air, because it came charging right for him, yapping all the while.

The Relgonog smiled, revealing three rows of razor sharp teeth.  He heard someone call after the dog, Bella, in that annoyed sort of way that let him know they wouldn’t be getting out of that car if they didn’t have to.  As soon as the dog entered the darkness the Relganog opened his sack wide.  If anyone could have seen they would have said that Bella ran right into the sack, and seemed to disappear. The Relganog quickly closed the sack and slunk off deeper into the darkness with his Halloween haul slung over his shoulder.

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