Once there was a troll named Stu who loved to argue

He believed only his opinions were of value

Oh, only his opinions were of value


Little did he know the folly of such a view

For this attitude attracted something new

Oh yes, this drew something new to poor Stu


It came on legs a many

Racing through the tubes

It came looking for terrible words aplenty

It came and it found the troll named Stu


First it ate his words, the worst had the most zest

Then it found his hands, a bit salty at best

Did it stop there?

Oh no,  it didn’t stop there


The hands were so sweet, it decided to continue to Stu’s teeth

Then his legs and beard, and finally, saving the best for last, it reared

Extending a long wet tongue into Stu’s ear

The snarflegrue, with delight

Sucked out Stu’s withered mind then called it a night



I think there is a moral to this story… somewhere.



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