Greetings Monster Lovers!

Soon the first of October will be upon us (unless you live in the future, in which case Happy October 1st!). Soon we will unleash our creative monsters upon the unsuspecting. Soon.

Are you ready?

If you’re new to this project, basically it is a fun self-paced challenge to create one monster a day for the entire month of October. They can be drawn, written, sculpted, or whatever art form you’re most comfortable with. The entire description can be found on the About page.

But… isn’t this like #inktober? 

Yes! It is! Thank you for pointing that out person I totally didn’t make up! You can do both things or count your monsters as #inktober things! The more awesomeness the better! The main difference between #inktober and #MonthOfMonsters is that I’ve given you a theme–monsters! Also, #MonthOfMonsters is not just drawing, but any creative medium! Exclamation marks!

Oh, OK. That’s cool then. You really need to lay off the exclamation marks though.

Thank you non-imaginary person! I’m seeing someone about my exclamation mark problem. I’m getting better.

If you participated last year, welcome back! Your account should still be intact. If you forgot your password, there is a password reset link on the login page.

For anyone wanting to join the creative monstering, site registration is now open for the season. You can create a new account HERE (there is also a button to use an existing WordPress account).



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