You say you need a monster– what did you have in mind?
Claws and fangs and ichor? With a scaly tail behind?
Leathery wings with barbs and tatters?
(These are cosmetic, but look’s what matters)
Add fear like a shroud, and a glowering stare!
Breath that will chill and poison the air!
Chthonic growling, midnight howling!
I digress.
Make it enormous, or hid in plain sight.
Then take it outside where it’s certain to bite!
(Finding a monster while out on a stroll
is something you certainly cannot control.)
A mess!
Now you’ve decided on every feature,
where should I ship this terrible creature?
HEY…that’s MY address!


I like to draw things! I have done the 30 characters challenge [ ] a couple of years in a row, so now I'm going to do this too. Because, having a deadline like this is the best way to motivate me to practice! Yikes! I don't feel like my art has a real cohesive feel. If I could do that, that might be a good thing. Then again, it's nice to just draw whatever. Feel free to contact me and tell me how you really feel!

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