I don’t really know if she is a monster, but she’s kind of creepy.

Don’t worry: she will turn into an awesome butterfly.

No, really.




The Shaggy Tragacanth is most vulnerable in its neck, which is why the giant spikes are there.

So pretty much… don’t even bother.



I like to draw things! I have done the 30 characters challenge [ http://www.30characters.com/author/nycteris/ ] a couple of years in a row, so now I'm going to do this too. Because, having a deadline like this is the best way to motivate me to practice! Yikes! I don't feel like my art has a real cohesive feel. If I could do that, that might be a good thing. Then again, it's nice to just draw whatever. Feel free to contact me and tell me how you really feel!

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